Blitz Brigade Hack 2019

Blitz Brigade Hack – How to Get Free Coins and Diamonds 2019

Blitz Brigade is one of the excellent multiplayer online team-based mobile first-person shooter(FPS) game developed and published by multi-million video game publisher based in Paris, Gameloft SE. It was released on the last 9th of May 2013 and was first available on iOS devices only but later on the game was available to Android and Windows users. The game draws a unique blend of a tactical battle fight which is inspired from the legendary Team Fortress 2 by Valve which is themed with unforgettable World War II.

The game features a little bit tough gameplay which all players can play as part of either Axis or Allies team. And can be played up to 12 players(6 on each side). You can also play the game as a single-player thru game training, the Mission. The training mission can be played thru 12 stages, and each stage is divided into nine missions. Each mission has three stars, and you will be rewarded by Coins if you reached the first star. However, you can’t move to the next stage if you haven’t achieved all those stars and each time you reaches a star the game will increase its difficulty level. But you can simple unlocked and can be skipped a mission if you will use Diamonds. The mission consists of exciting challenges which are the Sniper Elimination Mission(my favourite of all), the Machine Gun Mission, Blitz Chopper Mission, Flag Capture Mission, the Paratroopers Mission, Stealth Mission, Survival, Jet Pack and the Thunder Roller Mission.

If you are an eager player and want to finish all mission as easy and as fast as possible, you can unlock each stage by paying 10 Diamonds, but the problem is that you need real money to get lots of Diamonds. However, we managed to get lots of coins and diamonds without spending a single penny using the latest working Blitz Brigade Hack.


Blitz Brigade Hack
Blitz Brigade Hack 2018

What is Blitz Brigade Hack 2018?

It is a user-friendly online tool resource generator that can be used by anyone. It is a jaw-dropping tool that will help all players to generate an unlimited number of coins and diamonds without spending your real money. You can use this hack tool for free without worrying about getting a ban in the game, and the best part of this is you will get all your desired resources in real time.

This will not only generate diamonds for your account, but it can also have you lots of coins. Players can choose if they want coins alone or diamonds. You can use this hack as many times as you want and whenever you want as long as you have internet access. You can also use this tool even if you are using iOS or an Android device.

This hack doesn’t require you to download anything to your device, so your phone is safe from any viruses or malware.

Key Feature of Using Blitz Brigade Hack

1. Playing and competing in every stage in a mission will let you earn Coins and Stars. Once you have accumulated all the three stars, you can now proceed to the next stage but with unlocking every stage by just using Diamonds on it.
2. If you are an ultimate fan of blitz brigade and want to earn a lot of coins and diamonds as quickly as possible, then the blitz brigade generator will be your friend.
3. The blitz brigade hack tool that can be found here is a beneficial tool to all players that want to generate innumerable amount of in-game currencies.
4. Lots of gamers find it very frustrating to earn diamonds on missions which is the primary currency of the game; their frustration leads them to spend real bucks in buying in-game currencies.

Ways to Earn Unlimited Coins and Diamonds in Blitz Brigade Hack Online Tool

1. One of the best way to earn in-game currencies is to win every single game you played; it will give you not only experience level but also coins and diamonds.
2. Completing every single stage in all mission can get your handful of coins and diamonds too.
3. Another way to have diamonds is to save it and don’t just buy a non-sense item or upgrade not necessary weapons. Upgrading weapons is a big no-no for me since you can loot high powered weapons on some stage in a single-player mission.
4. Blitz brigade also gives a higher amount of coins and diamonds on Free-to-All mode if you are the top player.
5. Joining and winning events will even get you some currencies.

This resource tool hack will surely help you to play the game with ultimate battle experience. It can help you generate some coins and diamonds every single time. In other words, if you want to upgrade your weapons or unlock a game class, then this tool is really for you. This cheat will be very helpful to you or to your teammates to win every single game you played if you will upgrade all your weapons to its max level.

The whole purpose of the game is to make your account the best of all players and upgrade every possible weapon can you use in a mode to win.

How to Hack Coins and Diamonds?

Hacking coins and diamonds in blitz brigade is as easy as ABC especially if you are using our newly updated Blitz Brigade Coin and Diamond Hack Generator. This is an online generator which means you don’t have to download it to your device to make it work. Our coin generator is the best generator out there, and it is the fastest and safest tool to get you some coins and diamonds with ease.

Advantages of Using Blitz Brigade Hack Tool

1. This hack tool can be used anywhere from the world. There’s no country restriction of this tool, every player from different kind of country can use the hack.
2. The blitz brigade hack completely hides your identity while using it. The privacy of the player is ensured to the highest level with the help of the built-in proxy and anti-ban system.
3. The generator is very user-friendly and easy to use. Even if you are still in grade school, you can again use the tool as long as you are good to follow some instructions.
4. This hack will always be updated on regular basis so it will be safe to use every time you need some coins and diamonds. The proxy and anti-ban guard is updated regularly too to ensure your account won’t get harm after using it.
5. Rooting and jailbreaking your devices will never be an option to use the hack since this hack tool is compatible with all types of androids, iOS and Windows users.
6. The hack is free from all kinds of viruses and malware. The device you use while doing the hack will never be as risk or crash.

The ultimate dream of every blitz brigade player is to have as many coins and diamonds as possible to boost their game. Every player wants to get lots of in-game currency to destroy other players and dominate in every single game. It will be our pleasure to be part of your battling experience.

It is tough to get stuck on a stage on a mission due to your weak weaponry and not having enough diamonds to unlock that stage. In other words, playing blitz brigade and completing all the stages in a mission without using a hack will be next to impossible.

A gamer must be smarter enough to have progressed in the game especially if he wants to stay at a competitive level. To do that you need to spend some time with the hack and get unlimited coins and diamonds.

Importance of Blitz Brigade Online Hack Tool

If you already decided to use the hack finally, the main thing that bothers you right now is your account’s safety. It’s time to change your poor mindset cause the top hackers programmed the hack in the net and it has a built-in anti-ban system which won’t reveal your account’s identity to the game’s guard protection.

We also ensure that your account will stay entirely anonymous from being identified by there game engines. We also use very powerful proxies to add some protection of your account and hide you from your exact location.

How to Use the Blitz Brigade Online Hack Generator?

Using the tool is very easy, you just need to follow the guides below:
1. Click the link shared or click the “Go to Hack” link, you then be redirected to the official game online generator page.
2. The generator will ask you to provide your in-game-name or username. It is important to provide your real username to ensure that you will surely get your coins and diamonds without a problem.
3. Input your desired amount of currencies. For the hack to work 100%, enter few amounts of coins and diamonds and do it often than generating 999,999 currencies which are nonsense.
4. Don’t forget to choose a server; any server will do.
5. Anti-ban proxy is a must, you need to turn it on.
6. After providing all your information that required for the generator, click the ‘Generate’ button and the hack will start afterwards.
7. Sometimes, the hack needs you to prove yourself that you are not a bot. This is because of lots of users abuse the generator.
8. After completing and verifying yourself, you need to restart your game and all your desired currencies will be added to your account. Sometimes, it will took few moments to get added.

It is very important to follow every single step when using our hack tool to ensure that it will work. You won’t get your currencies if you skip a single step. There are already millions of gamers used our tool and used the hack successfully, 98% of them are delighted.

Coins and Diamonds

Coins are the primary type of in-game currency, which can be used to repair or buy new weapons as well as upgrading them. While Diamonds are the premium form of in-game currency, which can buy various weaponry and unlocking high-level classes. Obtaining few amounts of coins and diamonds per day can achieve by using Booster Packs, it will give you 2x amount of currencies in every mission and game you win.

Blitz Brigade Classes

Both Allies and Axis team can use all of these types of classes, and as of now, there are a total of 7 playable classes in the game.
1. The Soldier – one of the two starting classes in the game. He got 750 HP, and just an average moving speed. This class is a must in Domination Mode as it can capture flag twice as fast in other modes. This class was solely designed to cover the Gunner in your team. It also has a 40% critical chance skill same as the Snipers.
2. The Gunner – is the other starter classes, it has 1,000 HP but can upgrade to 1,200 using diamonds, and it is slower than the Soldiers. This class is made for close range combat and direct gunfire and it will be useless in long range combats and can quickly be taken down by Snipers and Stealths.
3. The Medic – is the third class in the game, it can be unlocked at rank 10 or by using 30 diamonds to open it early. They are faster than Soldiers and can heal wounded teammates even for multiple ranges. They only got 600 HP.
4. The Stealth – this is the fourth class and can be unlocked at rank 20 or by using 75 diamonds to open it early. They only got 500 HP as default but can be boosted to 700 HP. They are the fastest moving unit in the team and is designed to sneak behind enemy lines and kill people from the rear and is made for multiple ranges.
5. The Sniper – the fifth class in the game that can be unlocked at rank 30 or by using 110 diamonds. They are faster compared to Soldiers and hs 500 HP only. This class is designed for long-range combat and have very weak close range.
6. The Demolisher – this is the sixth class in the game and can be unlocked at rank 40 or by using 160 diamonds. They are the second highest health level for a class, and it has 750 HP and almost same as fast as Soldiers. This class is the most powerful class in the game which has a unique feature where they jump high in the air.
7. The Engineer – this is the last and final class in the game. It can be unlocked by using diamonds or by winning 700 matches. They got 600 HP and almost equal speed as Soldiers.

Game Modes in Blitz Brigade

At first, they only introduced two modes, the Deathmatch and the Domination, after their big update they added the Capture The Flag mode and next few updates they added the Free For All mode, which can be played only for 5-8 mins.
1. The Deathmatch – one of the teams has to be the first to reach 30 points which can be obtained by every kill the team makes.
2. The Domination – one of the teams, has to be the first to reach 99 points which can be obtained every five secs per flag that the team holds.
3. The Capture The Flag – (my favourite mode) one of the teams has to be the first to reach 12 points which can be obtained by stealing enemy’s flag.
4. The Free For All – the player fights alone and has to be the first to reach 30 points to win a match; points are obtained by killing other players.


Blitz Brigade currently holds 4.5 out of 5 stars on App Store as well as in Google Play. This game is the coolest and the best mobile FPS battle you can play. Download the game now and try the best Blitz Brigade Hack on the web!